Andres Hernandez

Photographer / Visual Artist / Director

Andres Hernandez took an early interest in the visual arts. His curiosity for photography developed in his childhood home, beginning with a fascina- tion for his father’s camera. Andres’ devotion to photography continued into college where he graduated top of his class with a BA in Advertising from the Art Institute of Medel- lin. He moved to the United States where he began his career working as a Graphic Web Designer. Working between Washington D.C. and Miami, Andres began developing an excellent reputation not only for his outstanding design and photo retouching skills but also more widely for his personal style and talent as a photographer. Specialising in photographing people and lifestyle images for advertising and editorial clients, his style is recognised as vibrant, colourful and full of narrative meaning. Andres currently resides between New York and Miami and continuous to pursue his dreams as he becomes more and more recognised as one of the most rapidly growing leaders in advertising and editorial photography. His work has been featured in art exhibitions, billboards and magazines in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Andres Hernandez Photographer

Working with Andres was a positive experience in general.

Although, the conditions on which we were under, were not even close to ideal, we were able to get what we needed and even more. I hope we can work together again on an upcoming project given the excellent results.

I definitively recommend Andres as a good professional to work with

Alan Ehrenhaus
Account Director en Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

Andres is a total professional. He assembled a great team around him that created an easy, stress free environment. And the pictures were perfect! I can’t recommend enough, he was absolutely great to work with.

Michael Saint-Aubin
Creative Director at BucketFeet

One of the most creative photographers my agency has had the privilege of working with. Andres is creative and super talented. He has great ability to work in a variety of styles and situations. He has always come through and delivered GREAT results. I highly recommend him.

Gavin Robin
Creative Director at DG Communications group

Andres is a true artist and diligent professional. We had the pleasure of shooting UltraMorea’s first lifestyle shoot with Andres and I can confidently state that the experience and results could not have been better. From planning the mood board to gathering a talented team, Andres exuded confidence and displayed a great degree of professionalism to execute a successful shoot. Thanks to Andres and his magic touch, UltraMorea has been widely praised by both its customers and the media.

Daniel Freiman
UltraMorea Eyewear
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Andres Hernandez
(Andres Hernandez Photographer)
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Andres Hernandez Studio, Inc