What we do

For over 10 years, Andres has been capturing amazing shoots both in the US and around the world. His passion for photography has not just taken him round the world, but has also got him acquainted with a varied culture and languages. Andres speaks English and Spanish fluently and specializes in helping advertising and fashion brands with their projects.


We understand every client expects a uniquely detailed result, which is why we pay very close attention to details while on every project to enable us deliver the best possible results. We like to help our clients make the best decisions based on their budget, including all necessary details for the production. From shooting for national/international advertising campaigns, catalogs/look-books to fashion editorials, and portraits, you can be certain we can do same for you. We believe in giving our very best, always on time, and putting in all our energy into each project and try as much as possible to provide solutions to art directors or directly to the client to achieve the needed result. This is what stands us out among the rest.


Be it a short fashion film for your new collection, behind the scenes footage, online video content for digital platforms, we can do this for you. We understand that stills and motions are produced at the same time, and have experienced the dynamics of such scenarios. We know how to adapt to the needs of the project by either working with a lot of conflicting teams, or by giving the photographers the needed support for direction. No matter your brief, we can provide you with a well-tailored and cost-effective solution.


Andres and his team combine cutting edge technology and over a decade experience to deliver shoots that stands out, and gives you real value for your money. Our process is very flexible as well; we work with either our own producers or with other production companies.
Andres and his team can help you with either of the following:
  • Booking fully serviced photographic studios
  • Booking assistants, make up artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, digital techs, etc.
  • Organizing rental of photographic equipment
  • Hiring location vans/ RVs.
  • Finding the right location for your brief, and organizing any necessary permits
  • Casting and booking talent, including negotiating rates with models and agencies
  • Arranging travel and flights, booking accommodation, transportation, catering etc.
  • Post-production/retouching.
Below are few details about the services we cover.
  • Location management

    Looking for the best cost effective location for your next shoot? Our location coordinators will help you get your best choice so you can focus on more important things.

    With over a decade in production, scouting for clients’ and creatives’ briefs, you can be certain we know where to find you that unseen, but epic location.

  • Bilingual Production

    Andres Hernandez is fluent in English and Spanish, as such, he has been at the forefront of several bilingual shoots. However, if you seek a totally different language from the above, then no worries; we have available people who speak your local language. Our team is professional enough to comply with your cultural values and differences, and is fully aware of the impact on international production.

  • Travel booking

    With our extensive travel experience over the past 10 years, we have produced amazing shoots across the United States and over the world. We understand the necessary steps in obtaining airline and hotel upgrades, while effectively coordinating the transportation logistics at the same time. We know how to easily adapt to new and totally unfamiliar destinations and also easily adapt to the challenges it brings.

  • Casting

    When it comes to casting, we pride in our experience within the industry that has helped us built great relationships with key players in the model industry, including the obviously diverse ones too. This makes ti easier for us to find you the most suitable models for your next campaign/project; from negotiating rates to presenting the final package, including street castings to A list models, you can relax while we take care of them all. Our process is very flexible. It’s as simple as this – Just tell us what you want, and we will get it done.


  • Crew

    We put a lot of things into consideration when putting a crew together; we understand certain factors must be in place for a satisfactory final result. Hence, we carefully consider specialty, talent, temperament and personalities. This is to ensure the right persons are happily working together for the greater good. Good energy is what we look for on our team members.

    Our extensive network of local specialists are always available to fill all the necessary positions; from hair & makeup artists to stylist for props and wardrobe, set designers and builders, photo assistants, digital technicians, grips, drivers, and extras.


Andres and his team combine cutting edge technology and over a decade experience to deliver shoots that stands out, and gives you real value for your money. Our process is very flexible as well; we work with either our own producers or with other production companies.
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