Video directed by Andrés Hernandez and produced by Karen Gomez.

Music: “Blow My Mind” produced by Pablo Dominguez, written by Vanessa Andrade.

People primarily know me as a photographer, but one of my passions is video because it has the potential to translate emotion (sometimes) better than a still image. In the past I’ve had the opportunity to photograph music artists for promos and album covers. Now I’m evolving my career to include music videos. Here’s a sample of my latest work with up-and-coming Brazilian singer and song writer, Vanessa Andrade (@vanessafandrade). My goal for the creative treatment of “Blow My Mind”, Vanessa’s first music video, was to make it a true representation of who she is. By using a handheld camera, the visual approach was to be up close and intimate in a New York setting without being too “New York”.